Turn literary works into patent applications with patent-generator

Patent-generator is a Github-hosted python script that turns literary texts into patent applications, with descriptions of the accompanying diagrams (here's Kapital, AKA "A method and device for comprehending, theoretically, the historical movement"; and here's Heidegger's The Question Concerning Technology, AKA "A device and system for belonging to bringing-forth").

The program operates in four parts. First it generates a title for the invention, then an abstract, then a list of illustrations, and finally a more detailed description of the "embodiments" of the invention.

In general, my methodology is to find common grammatical structures in patent applications, and then extract sentences containing similar grammatical structures from my input texts. To do this, I make heavy use of the Pattern library, which, among many other wonderful features, allows you to perform regular-expression-like searches using parts of speech. For example, here's how you can use pattern to to search through a text for all instances of an adjective followed by a plural noun.

Transform any text into a patent application
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patent-generator [Github]