Mom kindly brings heroin to just-out-of-jail son

When William E. Hoadley, 24, stepped out of a Butler County, Ohio jail, his mom Robin C. Kelley, 54, was waiting with a bag of heroin and syringe. Now both of them are locked up.

From WCPO:

Capt. Mike Craft said Hoadley must have forgotten that jailers listen to inmate calls.

"Our Drug Unit had him under surveillance," Craft said. "His mother met him at the intake-outtake door. They walked to the van together and before they pulled out our marked unit swooped in and stopped them, and they had the heroin."

Hoadley was out of jail for all of one minute and 32 seconds, Craft said. But the thought that his mother was the one to provide him with heroin was truly shocking.

(WCPO, thanks Charles Pescovitz!)