Aussie politician calls rival a "c*nt" in Parliament, gets away with it

Juha writes, "Christopher Pyne, education minister for the ruling right-wing Coalition in Australia, calls the leader of the centre-left Labor, Bill Shorten, a "cunt."

In Parliament.

Pyne gets away with it too, as the Speaker doesn't intervene.

Further audio here in case Youtube pulls the video." Read the rest

Nude closeups of people who are more than 100 years old

After a 101 year old woman offered to sit for a nude portrait session with photographer Anastasia Pottinger, Pottinger conceived of a project called Centenarians, through which she is photographing models who are at least 100 years old. The work is beautiful, as are the models. She is seeking other models, if you are (or know) someone who fits the bill. Read the rest

Fractal terrain generation in 130 lines of Javascript

Hunter Loftis's Javascript-based fractal terrain generator produces absolutely gorgeous landscapes (reload for more) in just 130 lines. It's accompanied by a great explanation that reveals the sweet, underlying elegance of the process. Read the rest

Singapore's Changi airport is pretty awesome

Bren, a self-confessed "noodle fanatic," has written a guide to the delights of Singapore's Changi airport, which he calls "Disneyland for backpackers." It is certainly a nice airport, the best airport ever built on the site of a notorious death-camp, but Bren misses its best feature: the outdoor rooftop pool. I always try make Singapore my stopover when I fly to Australia, and do an hour's worth of nighttime lengths in the pool before re-boarding. I like his play on William Gibson's classic moniker for S'pore, too: Disneyland With the Death Penalty."

Changi really does rock: butterfly gardens, cheap amazing food, great electronics, cheap massage, free Playstations, and free movie-theaters! Read the rest

Hand grenade music boxes

Artist Maskull Lasserre made hand grenades outfitted with music boxes. Pull the pin and they play a tune, "America the Beautiful" or "Beautiful Dreamer," but only once. (via Neatorama) Read the rest

Activist camp on FCC's doorstep for Net Neutrality: Occupy the FCC!

Evan from Fight for the Future writes, "Since Wednesday May 7th, net neutrality activists have been camped out on the FCC's doorstep in Washington, DC with tents, sleeping bags, signs, and a giant banner that says 'Don't break the Internet.' Read the rest

Marc Maron on e-cigs, drug addiction, and Vegas (RiYL 053)

Brain Heater interviews comedian podcaster Marc Maron on the launch of the second season of Maron, his self-titled sitcom about a self-obsessed comedian hosting a podcast out of his cat-filled Los Angeles garage.

How car crash test photography is done

When you're finished, here's more car crash test porn from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. (via Laughing Squid) Read the rest

Video: rapid-fire history of film effects

Video editor Jim Casey clipped together this wonderful accelerated look at The Evolution Of Visual Effects. Read the rest

240 Writers Guild of America members sign pro-Net Neutrality letter to the FCC

Robbo sez, "The WGA (Writers Guild of America West) has stepped into the fray over the FCC's proposed non-Net Neutrality rules with over 240 members (show runners, creators & writers alike) signing a letter urging FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to protect a free and open internet and not let it become like cable television. While the larger tech companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Mozilla and others have also publicly expressed their concerns over FCC proposals to create a two-tiered approach to Internet access there has been little if any outcry from any major players in the Hollywood industry - until now." Read the rest

How to find a cheap hotel room

Which online service offers the best deals for hotel rooms: Expedia,, TravelPony Booking, Hotwire, or Priceline? Nomadic Matt has the answer! Read the rest

Cat saves boy from dog attack

[Video Link] Read the rest

Han Solo in Carbonite beach towel

If you missed Thinkgeek's sold-out Han Solo in Carbonite rug, here's your chance: the Han Solo in Carbonite towel which is part of a Star Wars Towel set that also includes minimalist Vader/R2/Chewy options. But seriously, the Han Solo is the one to get. $25 each or $70 for the set.

Star Wars Towels Read the rest

Nash the Slash, RIP

Mysterious experimental musician Nash The Slash who played with the likes of Gary Numan, D.O.A., Iggy Pop, and The Who, has died at 66; obit at Billboard, videos below.

(Thanks, Gil Kaufman!) Read the rest

Scientist who proved existence of gluten intolerance challenges himself

Peter Gibson is my new hero, not because he's questioning the existence of non-celiac gluten intolerance. But because he was so willing to repeat, and challenge, his own research. Read the rest

Mom kindly brings heroin to just-out-of-jail son

When William E. Hoadley, 24, stepped out of a Butler County, Ohio jail, his mom Robin C. Kelley, 54, was waiting with a bag of heroin and syringe. Now both of them are locked up. Read the rest

Malik Bendjelloul, "Searching for Sugar Man" director, RIP

Malik Bendjelloul, the 36-year-old director of the excellent Oscar-winning documentary "Searching for Sugar Man," has died of an unspecified cause, according to CNN. Read the rest

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