Rob Ford: a night of drunk driving, racism, drugs, beating friends and demeaning his wife

In the Toronto Star, Kevin Donovan reports a night in the life of Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, shortly after an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel: Ford drives drunk, says fantastically racist things, buys drugs, beats up a friend of his, and then comes home and presents his friends to his wife, offering to let them have sex with her, saying that she lets him "f–k girls in front of her all the time… It's okay, my kids are not home." Parts of this are transcribed from recordings, others appear to be taken from witnesses.

Down the stairs they go. Ford's wife Renata is on the couch, a tired lounger that has been described to the Star by paramedics and firefighters who have attended calls at the house over the past two years. Renata is smoking a joint.

"You're a f—ing idiot," Renata says.

Enraged, Ford rummages for his Don Bosco coaching jacket. "It's where I keep my weed," he tells people in the room. Ford turns on his wife, screaming that she has taken his drugs. Standing there quietly are Lisi and Bellissimo.

To a visitor, Ford says, almost offhanded, "You can f— her if you want, in front of me."

Nobody speaks. The comment is ignored by Ford's wife. Men in the room are shocked.

"It's okay," Ford burbles. "She lets me f–k girls in front of her all the time."

Eyes flicked upward, to the rest of the house.

"It's okay, my kids are not home," Ford repeats.

Rob Ford: One wild night in March [Kevin Donovan/Toronto Star]