This Day in Blogging History: Canadian Tories war on climate science; UK Tory MP says we're jealous of his tax-subsidised private forest; Hilarious Warsaw police encounter

One year ago today

Chronology of the Canadian Conservative government's war on science: No government in Canadian history has been as hostile to science as Stephen Harper's Conservatives. John Dupuis has assembled a brief, brutal chronology of the ways that the Tories have attacked Canadian science.

Five years ago today

Tory MP says it was OK to bill taxpayer for his 500 tree forest, critics are "jealous" of his private forest: Steen billed the taxpayer for maintenance of his 500-tree forest, upkeep of which was apparently necessary to the conducting of his duties at Parliament.

Steen says that constituents who resent their tax money going to pay for his forest are "just jealous."

Ten years ago today
Hilarious police encounter in Warsaw: Side-splittingly funny account of a Polish expat who returned to Warsaw and got (very incompetently) mugged, then flagged down a vanload of completely bonkers cops who ran around the city, stopping trams and pointing at nuns, businessmen and other improbables and saying, "are these the kids who mugged you?"