HOWTO: Post-bureaucratic flotsam kayak

Johntonta grew weary of the meaningless modern round of office slavery, so he created a kayak made from desk-lumber, a business-suit skin, computer-wire lashings. He documented the Post-bureaucratic jetsam kayak on Instructables so you too can sail away on the careless seas.

Cut the desktop into strips. The size of the desktop will determine the length of the kayak. You will need five or more lengths of wood. I was able to cut fifteen batons from my desktop and subsequently joined the batons into lengths of three giving a total of five bits of wood a bit over 15 foot in length.

one (sturdiest) length is for the keel. Two for gunwhales which edge the deck of the craft. at least two are for the 'stringers' that make up the rest of the hull line

Turn your office into a kayak
by johntonta

(via Neatorama)