More than 100 cars sunk in Houston bayous


A non-profit search and rescue firm claims sonar data shows more than 127 automobiles at the bottom of the bayous in Houston, Texas, and that police told them to shut their traps about them, even if they may have bodies inside, because it's too costly to deal with them.

From the Houston Chronicle:

(Texas Equusearch's) Tim Miller believes the cars could hold clues to the dozens of unsolved missing persons cases in the area.

"How many could be an alzheimers victim or a guy that was drunk-driving off the road or how many could be homicide? I guarantee there's going to be bodies in some of these cars," Miller said, pointing to recent cases where bodies have been found sometimes years after missing persons reports were filed.

"Three weeks ago a vehicle was found (in North Dakota) after 43 years that had two teenagers in it. In North Texas, a vehicle was found after 31 years that had two bodies in it," Miller said.

Houston police said they do not believe any of the cars contain bodies because of the length of time most have been underwater. (Police spokesperson Victor) Senties said most would fall apart if they tried to remove them and claimed others are too remote or are in locations where it's impractical to make any recovery attempt.

"Sonar pictures reveal more than 100 vehicles sunk in Houston's bayous"