Boycott of luxury hotels owned by Brunei sultan grows

Vogue Magazine is the latest high-profile name to join a boycott luxury hotels owned by the Dorchester Collection. Why? Dorchester properties include The Beverly Hills Hotel, London's Dorchester, and Le Meurice in Paris, and they're now owned by the investment agency of the Sultan of Brunei. Read the rest

Stonewall veteran and drag king extraordinaire passes away

Stormé Delarverie, pioneering drag king who fought at Stonewall, died on Saturday at age 93. Read the rest

Rainbow lattice sunstone is beautiful

This intriguing chunk of feldspar looks like ribbon confetti neatly arranged in resin. According to this site, Rainbow lattice sunstone "contains crystallographically oriented exsolutions of Illmenite & Hematite that forms a criss-cross lattice pattern which produces spectral colour aventurescence in reflected light." In other words, a wizard made it. Read the rest

Flying rhinoceros

In South Africa, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife used a Vietnam War-era Huey helicopter to relocate a rhino threatened by poachers, a process incredibly documented by Emma Gatland and featured on National Geographic. Read the rest

Appeals court nukes the copyright troll business-model

Yesterday, a federal judge in the DC circuit court of appeals handed Prenda law -- the most loathed and evil porno copyright trolls in the business -- its own ass on a plate, and struck a blow against copyright trolling everywhere. The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Mitch Stoltz has a deep dive into the case, which EFF participated in.

Prenda (previously) is one of the leaders in the shady practice of accusing people of downloading pornographic films with embarrassing titles and then demanding money in exchange for not filing a lawsuit against them, using the threat of having your name associated with "Anal Invaders XII" in public records forever as a lever to get you to settle even if you've done nothing wrong. In AF Holdings v. Does 1-1058, Judge Tatel struck an important blow against this practice by ruling that trolls have to file cases in the same jurisdiction as their victims in order to get court orders to reveal the victims' names and addresses, without which the cases cannot proceed. But filing cases in the correct jurisdiction will likely cost more than the average blackmail payment that Prenda extorts from its victims, making the whole thing into a losing business.

The court also held that merely being accused of having, at some point, participated in a Bittorrent swarm does not join you with everyone else who ever joins that swarm, and that there is only joint liability for people who download from one another, as part of the same swarm at the same time. Read the rest

Funnel "cloud" of bugs

This looks like a tornado but it's actually a swarm of insects, perhaps red locusts, that Ana Filipa Scarpa photographed in Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal (EPOD). Read the rest

Camelopardalids meteor shower over Joshua Tree Milky Way

Photographer and filmmaker Gavin Heffernan shares some dazzling photographs, GIFs, and videos of a recent meteor shower that revealed itself best in the California desert, where the Milky Way is clearly visible in the night sky. Read the rest

Profile of a courtroom sketch artist

Gary Myrick has been a courtroom sketch artist for 40 years and his profession is dying; above, a New York Times video profile of Myrick. Read the rest

This Day in Blogging History: Crowdfunding a stenographer for Manning; Tory MP expensed his servants' wing; Swisscom's epically shitty Wifi

One year ago today

Help crowd-fund a court stenographer for the trial of accused Wikileaks source Bradley Manning: The trial of Bradley Manning begins on June 3, 2013 The Freedom of the Press Foundation is crowd-funding donations to hire a court stenographer to record trial transcripts.

Five years ago today

UK Tory MP added a servant's wing to his house at taxpayers' expense: Sir John Butterfill from Bournemouth West, Dorset used his expense account to add a servant's wing to his country house. At first he denied that these people were servants, calling them his "gardener and his wife," but later, he said, "the mistake I made was that, in claiming interest [from the expenses allowance] on the home, I didn't separate from that the value of the servants' ... er the staff ... wing. I claimed the whole of that and the whole of the council tax related to that."

Ten years ago today SwissCom's WiFi is crap; its executives are thin-skinned: Esme Vos wrote a little blurb on her blog about the shitty experience she had with SwissCom's expensive, crappy WiFi service, and SwissCom's sales director wrote back to tell her she was biased and basically a Bad Person for being publicly dissatisfied with what is, undoubtably, the worst pay-for-WiFi service in Europe. Read the rest

Japanese psychedelic-lite bands of the 1960s

A great photo gallery of 1960s Japanese pop-psychedelic bands. I wish there were more links to the music, though. Read the rest

The utter horror of demonic forms in Cheetos

The folks who claimed Procter & Gamble's old logo is a mark of Satan would enjoy the Cheese Curls of Instagram site. (Via @Pickover, via Neatorama) Read the rest

Bob Mould on Boing Boing Video, coming soon

In a few short weeks, Boing Boing Video will premier an exclusive interview and solo performance from legendary musician Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü and Sugar whose magnificent new album Beauty and Ruin drops June 3; above, a teaser of what's to come.

Stream the album here.

The Boing Boing Video with Bob Mould was directed by Scott Compton and produced at the wondrous Remedy Editorial. Special thanks to Jordan Kurland/Zeitgeist Artist Management. Read the rest

Plush octopus backpack

Jen created this beautiful plush octopus backpack: want. Our kid has a plush octopus from Tokyo Disneysea that looks just like this, only smaller, that we call Doctor Octopustorow.

(via Pipedream Dragon)

Read the rest

Maya Angelou, legendary poet and author, 1928-2014

The great American poet, author, activist, and actor Dr. Maya Angelou died today at her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She was 86. Read the rest

How we fuel our brains (at the expense of our bodies)

Twenty percent of the calories you eat each day go straight to that big, fat brain of yours. That's a huge fraction compared to other animals. Read the rest

Congressional bill would ban animal testing of cosmetics

At Scientific American a congressman and an environmental health scientist make a case for why we could eliminate animal testing of cosmetics, and reduce the use of live animals in other kinds of safety testing. Read the rest

Watching "Knots Landing" on Arcturus

This handy chart shows you how far our TV shows have traveled through space. The first televised baseball game is about to hit Regulus. Read the rest

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