Kickstarting a coffee-table book of grisly, real Russian nursery-rhymes

Russian-born comedian Ben Rosenfeld is kickstarting a book of gruesome, real Russian nursery rhymes, illustrated by Dov Smiley (example: "A little boy found a machine-gun, nothing lives in the woods anymore"). $25 gets you the book and the ebook.

Russian Optimism is an illustrated coffee table book of thirty of Russia's most horrifically hysterical nursery rhymes translated for the first time for an English speaking audience.

Each rhyme is 2-4 lines, with an innocent title and a horrible ending. Each rhyme is accompanied by a brightly colored yet twisted illustration of the scenario described to add humor.

For example, The Woods: "A little boy found a machine gun. Nothing lives in the woods anymore."

All of these are REAL rhymes that Russians tell each other. I have not made any of them up. Russia has a very dark culture.

The rhymes are grouped in seven ironically titled chapters: Moral Messages, Parenting Pointers, Classic Cooking, Aquatic Adventures, Close Calls, Cheery Children and Explosive Endings.

Russian Optimism: Dark Nursery Rhymes To Cheer You Right Up