Harvard Bluebook: more threats to those who would cite the law

Carl Malamud writes, "On May 16, Boing Boing brought us the story of five years of intimidation on the Uniform System of Citaiton required in the United States, a system otherwise known as The Bluebook.

Based on your story, a stern keep off the grass warning was dispatched from the ever-growing Bluebook Legal Task Force at the eminent white shoe firm of Ropes & Gray."

A response from Public.Resource.Org tells them where they can put their status quo ante, but the repulsive troll post from the hot new copyright sheet Five Useful Articles is going to be the classic statement of the merits of this case.

Five Useful Articles is run by Parker Higgins of the EFF and Sarah Jeong, who graduated from the Harvard Law School today a few hours after publishing that beautiful summary. Congratulations Sarah, you're going to be a wonderful lawyer.

A Cite To Behold: 5 Useful Articles – Vol. 1 Issue 10

(Thanks, Carl!)