Crowdfunding English translations of public-domain German science fiction

Bradley Hall writes, "I am trying to get funding via Indiegogo so that I can spend more time translating old public domain German sci-fi books. So far I have translated Robert Heymann's 'Der Rote Komet' (The Red Comet) and am currently working on Bernhard Kellerman's 'Der Tunnel' (The Tunnel). Neither of these books have been translated to English before."

English sf is greatly impoverished by the lack of translations from other languages. You meet German sf fans who're conversant with English, Danish, Swedish, Italian and French authors through translation. We get by on a little Lem and Strugatsky.

This project is to help fund my translating five such sci-fi novels. I plan on using the money to find more of Robert Heymann's books as the book I have translated of his was the second in a series of books that take place in the 25th Century. But the focus of this will not be on Heymann.

If anyone knows of any other untranslated sci-fi, please let me know. It would be great if the backers help pick what novels will be translated as part of this project.

A project to translate public domain German Sci-Fi novels

(Thanks, Bradley!)