Octopus hairpiece

Deviantart's Deeed documents the construction and unveiling of her amazing Octopus hairpiece, created and worn for a steampunk ball.

Octopus Hairpiece

(via Crazy Abalone)

(Photo: Gillian B Dragancaor) Read the rest

Kickstarting a Skull-a-Day book

Noah Scalin writes "At long last I'm finally publishing all 365 of my original Skull-A-Day creations in a single book! I've partnered with Chop Suey Books, an amazing local independent bookseller here in Richmond, Virginia to finally create the ultimate volume of my yearlong skull art making project. The store is even launching a new imprint, Chop Suey Books Books, just to make and distribute this beautiful hardcover volume (if I do say so myself, since I'm the one that designed it!). I'm most excited about sharing a new model for artists and local businesses to work together to create something outside of the old systems, that can benefit us both, as well as our community. To kick things off we've decided to pre-sell the book on Kickstarter with some unique thank you gifts, including some of the actual original pieces of the project! I hope you'll check it out."

$24 gets you an early-bird book. Noah is a guy who ships what he starts, too. Read the rest

Five dumb things that NSA apologists should really stop saying

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has rounded up the five most discredited arguments advanced by apologists for NSA spying, including "The NSA has Stopped 54 Terrorist Attacks with Mass Spying"; Just collecting call detail records isn’t a big deal"; "There Have Been No Abuses of Power"; "Invading Privacy is Okay Because It’s Done to Prevent Terrorist Attacks"; and "There’s Plenty of Oversight From Congress, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and Agency Watchdogs." Each of these claims is meticulously debunked in the post. Read the rest

Kickstarting a kids' picture book about girls and science by Zack "SMBC" Smith

Zach Weinersmith, creator of the wonderful Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and the Kickstarter-record-busting Trial of the Clone choose-your-own-adventure is unstoppable: he's kickstarting Augie and the Green Knight: A Children's Adventure Book , a girl-positive kids' picture book about science. $25 gets you the book and the ebook (I bought in!). Read the rest

Jem, the truly outrageous, triple-platinum '80s rocker who nearly took down Barbie

Ben Mark's of Collectors Weekly says:

Lisa Hix has just written a wonderful ode to "Jem and the Holograms," which was the number-one cartoon on Sunday mornings in 1986, and whose fashion dolls gave Barbie a run for her money. Heavily influenced by MTV, particularly Cyndi Lauper and Madonna, Jem was the alter ego of Jerrica Benton, a wealthy young philanthropist and businesswoman who moonlighted as a glamorous rock star.Jem tapped into that distinctly '80s flavor of rock-’n’-roll rebellion—she was still a conventionally pretty, blond “good girl,” but she had wild hair and makeup in girly shades of fuchsia, purple, pale pink, and powder blue. A new movie, slated for 2016, remakes the character with live actors, and features a dreadfully predictable social-media twist, so enjoy the reruns of the "real," cartoon goodness on Netflix while you can.

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Phoenix Jones conducts fitness-based Seattle superhero purge

Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones (previously) has purged the membership of Rain City Superheroes, dissolving and reforming the superhero group with new, stringent membership requirements, including the ability to do five pull-ups and 25 sit-ups in two minutes. Read the rest

How It Works …. The Computer (Ladybird books, 1978)

I found a copy of one of my favorite childhood books about computers. And now you can enjoy it too!

Crowdfunding Deepcity 2030: gritty strategy game about resilient cities

Greg Greene writes, "Since directing The End of Suburbia in 2004 I've been exploring ways to popularize sustainable and resilient cities.

Playing with notions of urban apocalypse, we're crowdfunding development of Deepcity 2030, a real time strategy game set in a near future of strange beings, megastorms, and scarcity where energy is as precious as life itself. The game combines a gritty steampunk aesthetic and off-beat humour with ongoing opportunities for players to demonstrate strategic prowess by inventing possible world futures." I backed it. Read the rest

Record producer/DJ Sarah “Ultragrrrl” Lewitinn [RiYL 55]

Brian Heater interviews the record producer, music critic, DJ, and blogger Sarah “Ultragrrrl” Lewitinn

Timothy Leary and Marshall McLuhan, turned on and tuned in

Michael Horowitz and Lisa Rein tell the fascinating tale of McLuhan and Leary's friendship, and present an unpublished letter from the Leary Archives.

Kickstarting Kibo: robot-blocks for kids 4-7

Jenise sez, "When I worked for a robotics company, I complained bitterly about the lack of robotic toys for my daughter to my boss, Mitch Rosenberg. Yesterday, he sent me an email with the answer to my problem: KIBO, a robot kit specifically designed for kids age 4-7. Mitch partnered with Marina Umaschi Bers, co-creator of Scratch Jr., to found KinderLab Robotics, Inc., and they're trying to produce the toy I dreamed of for my daughter."

Looks amazing, but it ain't cheap: $219 minimum to get the actual blocks, $349 for the full set. Read the rest

Maker Dad's projects for kids and parents

[Video Link] Here are a few of the 24 projects in my brand new book, Maker Dad: Lunch Box Guitars, Antigravity Jars, and 22 Other Incredibly Cool Father-Daughter DIY Projects. Read the rest

Riis's "How the Other Half Lives": photos of NYC slumlife in the Gilded Age

The full text and images of Jacob Riis's 1890 classic How The Other Half Lives is online (previously), featuring striking photos of the dire state of NYC poverty during the "gilded age," when wealth disparity hit levels that are eerily reminiscent of the modern age. Reading this is probably good prep for our coming future (above, "Police Station lodgers in Elizabeth Street Station"). Read the rest

China still mad at Eddie Murphy for 'the Golden Child'

17 years later China has forgotten Brad Pitt's role in 1997's Seven Years in Tibet. Read the rest

Double amputee cat does flying handstand down stairs

Now that's inspiring. Read the rest

This Day in Blogging History: Deluxe Watchmen; CARDIAC paper computer; California Adventure is a ghost town

One year ago today

Deluxe hardcover of Watchmen: The new Deluxe Edition of Watchmen landed in my post-box today. It's a very well-made hardcover edition of one of the canonical modern graphic novels. Everyone should have at least one edition of Watchmen on the shelf, and this is a pretty nice one to have.

Five years ago today

CARDIAC paper computer emulator: A CARDIAC emulator that actually looks like the real CARDIAC, complete with source. My childhood was definitely influenced by this little wonder out of Bell Labs, so for those who can't get the cardboard variant, here's the software one, along with a scan of the original CARDIAC manual.

Ten years ago today

Disney's California Adventure is a ghost town: Here's what the DOE should do: hire Michael Eisner to design a theme park over the radioactive dumps. They'll never have to worry about anyone setting foot there again. Read the rest

Clive Thompson -- guest on new Cool Tools podcast

Kevin Kelly and I launched a new podcast at Cool Tools. In this entertaining second installment of the Cool Tools podcast, Clive Thompson, author of Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better, discusses the problem with laptop calculators, a surprising use for uncommonly bad tools, and what we all can do to stop stock photos from ruining the internet… all while introducing us to some terrific cool tools. (Listen to episode 001 with guest David Pogue here.) Read the rest

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