Recess Monkey's "Wired" video

[Video Link] I love this power-pop ditty from Recess Monkey. It's called "Wired," which is also the name of their new album.

Inspired by the breathtaking creativity and inventiveness of today's DIY kids, kindie music icon Recess Monkey celebrates maker culture with the band's eleventh studio recording, Wired, which will be released on June 17.

Wired, a collection of super-eclectic "gadget rock" songs about inventions, machines, and electricity, also highlights the richness of life beyond batteries: Grandpa's wisdom, board games, singing with others, storytelling, and the fine art of duct tape.

Says Recess Monkey's Drew Holloway, "Wired is all about design-thinking and innovation. We live in a 'wired world' with so much at our fingertips, yet it's easy to lose touch … but not on this record!"