Charity collection-boxes shaped like life-sized homeless people

The Dutch homelessness charity Badt dressed mannequins as homeless people, sawed coin-slots in their foreheads, and seeded them around Amsterdam with signs soliciting donations. It's a clever campaign, but it says something a little unpleasant, in that we are apparently more willing to give money to a doll with a slot in its forehead than an actual homeless person.

The crisis is taking its toll. Plummeting house prices and rising unemployment mean more and more families are ending up living on the streets of Amsterdam. So BADT, the Amsterdam foundation that supports the homeless, needs more money and awareness for this growing problem.

In order to get more homeless people off the streets,we put more homeless people on the streets. We sourced mannequins and dressed them in shabby second-hand clothes and installed something that looked like a cut-out money slot on they foreheads to make it look like a piggy bank.

We then positioned them all over Amsterdam in situations similar to those of the homeless, with hand-written cardboard signs asking for donations to support BADT.

A piggy bank for the homeless
(via Crazy Abalone)