Tetrix 13: CD/slasher film with fold-open hockey mask cover & sawblade disc

Tetrix writes, "Tetrix 13 is our 13th release in as many years, so we made a slasher film based parody album and called it 'Tetrix the 13th'. The album is more like a radio play, with songs and storyline alternating on successive tracks. And, like any good musical, the songs also advance the storyline."

The plot arc is intended to be humorous, and details the guys from the band attending a party at an abandoned summer camp, where one by one they begin to dissapear until only one is left to confront an axe wielding maniac.

However, our favorite part of this "Tetrix the 13th" project is the CD cover. The CD cover consists of a fold open hockey mask with CD details inside the fold. The backside of the CD is made to look like a chainsaw engine, with the CD itself sitting in a pocket to look like the sawblade. These CD covers are all handmade, and were a heck of a lot of fun to put together!


(Thanks, Tetrix)