Glow in the dark Pee-Wee Herman tee

For the next six hours, you can score one of these Pee-Wee Herman themed limited tees from Tee Fury, with glowing eyes! Read the rest

An electronic gadget to silence loudmouths

Charles Platt shows you how to build a noise-detecting siren that stuns rude shouters into silence.

Boob and sock money not welcome in the sweaty summertime, sorry

From Adam R. Bowser's Nova Scotia-based Twitter feed, a timely retail sign: "Due to the rising summer temperatures...We will NOT accept any BOOB or SOCK money! Sorry for the inconvenience! It's gross. Thanks."

(via JWZ)

(Image: Socks, Quinn Dombrowski, CC-BY) Read the rest

Georgia man shoots himself in the penis, visits friend

I hope his friend is a urologist. Via 13WMAZ: “When he got to the friends house, he took off his pants and saw that he had ‘shot himself in the penis and that the bullet exited out of his buttocks.’” Read the rest

Blogging History: Max Barry's Lexicon; Discover Electronics kit; Kottke reads DRM talk

One year ago today

Lexicon: smart, sharp technothriller from Max "Jennifer Government" Barry: Max Barry's new technothriller Lexicon is a gripping conspiracy novel about a cabal of "poets" who have mastered the deep language of the human brain and can use it to boss the rest of us around. It's a pitch-perfect thriller, a jetpack of a plot that rocketed me from page one to page 400 in a single afternoon, and it kept me guessing right up to the end.

Five years ago today

HOWTO learn electronics: The Discover Electronics Kit contains a slew of standard components like resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, potentiometers, LEDs, a timer integrated circuit, a breadboard to connect everything together, and of course an instruction manual with a variety of projects.

Ten years ago today Jason Kottke reads my DRM talk: Jason Kottke has recorded himself reading my Microsoft DRM talk and dedicated the result to the public domain. Read the rest

Jazz pianist and composer Horace Silver, 1928-2014

The great jazz pianist and composer Horace Silver died today "of natural causes" at his home in New Rochelle, New York. Read the rest

Best-paid CEOs perform the worst

Performance for Pay? The Relation Between CEO Incentive Compensation and Future Stock Price Performance , a paper from U of Utah business-school professors, the relationship between executive performance and executive pay is intensively investigated. The authors carefully document that the highest-paid executives in the 1,500 companies with the biggest market cops from 1994-2013 perform the worst, and that the higher a CEO's pay, the more likely it is that he'll perform worse than his low-paid colleagues. The effect was most pronounced in the 150 highest-paid CEOs.

The authors propose that sky-high pay leads CEOs to be overconfident -- after all, if they're getting $37M for a year's work, they must be pretty damned smart, so anyone who disagrees with them is clearly an idiot, after all, look at how little that critic is paid! The longer a CEO is in office, the worse his performance becomes, because he is able to pack the board with friendly cronies who keep hiking his pay and overlooking his underperformance. And CEOs suck at figuring out when to exercise their stock options, generally getting less money than they would by following conventional financial advice. Read the rest

Robert Scoble thinks privacy advocates have "overstepped their bounds", has useful advice for victims of violent stalkers, and is jealous of your threesomes

Robert Scoble is settling nicely into his new role as a vigorous critic of your privacy. That said, he's unhappy I quoted his remarks about being "so tired of privacy advocates", and is doing that thing where you find a nasty anonymous comment and represent it as the sum of criticism to engender sympathy. Indeed, it is now the case that privacy advocates are not merely tiresome, but have "overstepped their bounds"!

Today's batch of evangelism ranges from increasingly voluminous praise of advertising ("THEY LOVE ADS"), asserting that he is not advertising anything (factcheck: Scoble "makes media about world changing startups" at RackSpace), to expressing jealousy at other people's threesomes and making clear that anyone with a violent stalker can take care of it simply by blocking them on Facebook, which "really does work."

But, let the man speak for himself!

First, a concession: it's OK if we have private passwords:

I'm not wholly opposed to privacy, either. I don't post my passwords for all of you to see, for instance. It's just that by being anti everything the privacy advocates have overstepped their bounds and made a whole raft of people afraid of everything.

People don't turn on Facebook privacy controls because they don't want them:

I ask every audience whether or not they use a credit card. Most don't have a single person who raises their hands. Most of us are gonna use Facebook. Most of us will not turn on privacy controls. Most of us are gonna do that because there is deep utility here.

Read the rest

The Pennsylvania town that's been on fire for 50 years

Centralia, Pennsylvania is Hell on Earth. It's the town where a 12-year old boy once fell into a pit that "suddenly appeared in his grandmother’s backyard. He grabbed onto a tree root, and his cousin pulled him out from the steam-emitting hole in the earth." The pit was caused by an underground coal fire that's been burning for over 50 years "and may burn for several more centuries."

Pricenomics has a good short history of Centralia, which is now mostly abandoned.

[Photo credit: Lyndi and Jason via Flickr] Read the rest

Hidden mother photos, close up magic, and a cool new kitchen scale [Gweek 151]

Our returning guest is Choose Yourself author James Altucher. Brought to you by Click here for a special $(removed) offer!

7 fun toilet paper tube tricks

Seven tricks you can do with empty rolls of toilet paper, written by the late Martin Gardner.

5. A Mysterious Force: Two tubes are alongside each other on a table. Rub your hands vigorously together to generate a psychic force. Place your hands palms down fingers pointing toward the tubes. Lower your head slightly. Move your hands slowly away from the tubes, and at the same time secretly blow on them. They will roll toward your hands as if drawn by a mysterious attractive force. You'll be suprised at how many people will be totally mystified by this simple trick.

7 fun toilet paper tube tricks (Via Reality Carnival) Read the rest

Newspapers' nostalgia has deluded them into thinking print can be "saved"

As Register Newspapers' high-profile paywall experiment implodes, Clay Shirky offers an acerbic obituary and a dire warning in Nostalgia and Newspapers, which discusses the futility of trying to "save" print, and the news industry's enormous, wishful-thinking blindspot about its own business. Read the rest

Meet Migaloo, the real-life Moby Dick

There are four known white humpback whales in the world. They are not albinos. Migaloo, who lives near Australia, was just spotted for the first time in a year. Read the rest

Mayor resigns after surveillance cam catches him tossing dog poop in neighbor's yard

The mayor of San Marino, California has resigned after being caught on surveillance video tossing a small bag of dog poop into a neighbor's yard. Read the rest

Why the ugliest rats live the longest lives

Naked mole rats live six times as long as most other small rodents and they don't seem to develop cancer. At Vox, Joseph Stromberg explains what naked mole rats are teaching us about aging and disease. Read the rest

'If Gay Guys Said the Shit Straight People Say,' part 2

Comedian Daniel-Ryan Spaulding is back with a second installment in his very funny 'If Gay Guys Said the Shit Straight People Say' video series. Read the rest

This chili sauce tastes great even on chocolate ice cream

Not as hot as it looks. Good on anything. Cures all that ails you. A recipe by Matt Maranian.

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