Raccoon with head stuck in peanut butter jar rescued from top of hydro transformer

This is an actual news story. In Fort Erie, Canada, a raccoon became trapped at the top of a hydro transformer pole with a mostly empty jar of peanut butter stuck on its head.

The critter had evidently tried to eat all of the peanut butter left in the jar, and, I don't know, ended up climbing the transformer pole I have no idea you guys here's a snip from the news story:

"We have a very happy raccoon," Wendy Trombley, the manager at the Fort Erie SPCA, said after setting the animal free. "We think she is a mom, so there are some babies that are very happy as well.

"She was sitting at the top of pole. She tried to come down but was scared. She went back up to the very top and just sat. She didn't know what to do with herself.

"People have to wash the containers in their recycle bin. Raccoons like that little bit that we don't care about and they will go for it and get stuck."

"Peanut butter jar lands raccoon in a jam" [niagarafallsreview.ca, HT: siomo]