Autopoint jumbo all-American mechanical pencil

Autopoint mechanical pencil

I was given this beautiful Autopoint mechanical pencil as a gift. I'm thrilled with the build quality, how the pencil feels in my hand, and the $5.00 price point.

Evidently, Autopoint is a fairly storied brand that has been around since the 50s. My friend Peter has quite a collection, from the pencil his dad gave him 3rd grade to oil company give-aways his grandfather had saved. End of day what I have here is a really high quality mechanical pencil at a bargain price.

The .9mm jumbo sized pencil I have is fantastic for daily writing, The size of the pencil and its paneled sides feels super comfortable in my carpal tunneled hands. The quality of the plastic and how everything is put together is far more reminiscent of Mont Blanc or Parker than a cheap Pentel writing instrument.

Having recently spent over $15 on another brand .3mm mechanical pencil, I'm now a huge fan of Autopoint.

Autopoint® Jumbo All-American® Pencil, 0.9mm tip, Paneled Barrel