Photography: 'Love Letter,' a series by Beijing-based Xiao Yang


Images from "Love Letter" parts I and II, by Xiao Yang, a photographer based in Beijing, China.

As a night photography addict and light painting junkie, exploration in derelict places is one of the main topics in my photographs.

I'm fascinated by the relationship with our human-made environment. Everywhere people go, we leave traces in the spaces and stories behind.They accumulate like coral, each generation laying down a new layer of cultural sediment for the next generation to live upon, above, around.

Those abandoned monuments, houses, factories, castles and sewers,empty and eerily quiet at night in darkness. But the existence of them actually speak for themselves, waiting for us to discover and listen their stories – no matter sad, absurd, heart-broken or beautiful, these are all ripe for us to reap.

Simply document those buildings' stories is the not the only thing I want to achieve. By controlling the light and time via light painting photography, I want to re-create them and build the "connection" between the observer and the observed. They are transformed on my pictures and generate the "unique" stories only belong to me.

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[via Asylum Art]