Florida man watching World Cup game tumbles out of window

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The single piece of interesting news about the World Cup I've found thus far. The leader of a gang of Floridian football fans calling themselves "American Outlaws" evidently fell out of a window after hearing that the US tied a game.

From the Miami Herald:

"Eric looked heartbroken," said fellow super-fan fan Kenin Yombor, explaining that as Corey reacted to the Portugal goal, he began to lose his balance. "I saw that he knew — he spread his arms to stop himself from falling out, but he saw that he was going out the window."

Corey is one of the leaders of the American Outlaws, a fanatical group of U.S. soccer fans. He and hundreds of others packed into Fado's Irish Pub, 900 S. Miami Ave., on Sunday for the big match.

He had stepped on to a ledge to scream in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows which were open to help cool off the stifling heat. "The ledge was apparently slippery with spilled beer." Ah, Florida Man.

"Soccer super-fan falls from the window of Miami bar after U.S. gives up last-second goal" [photo: Natalie Fertig, Miami Herald]