Westboro Baptist Blues

Owner of NYC bar Flaming Saddles, Chris Barnes, leveraged his musical talent and location during a recent festival. Accompanied by Dana Fuchs and Alicia Collins, Chris' band The Bad News Barnes record their opinion of the Westboro Baptist Church!

Essentially, Jesus says there are always gonna be trolls but these Westboro guys are real assholes.

Via the Advocate:

"I thought, what if Billie Joe was gay, and he jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge for bullying?" Barnes says. He wrote his song a year ago, and after several fits and starts, he and his band, the Bad News Barnes, recorded it with Dana Fuchs, who played Sadie in the 2007 film Across the Universe. In May, Barnes took advantage of his bar's Hell's Kitchen location and set up a spot to record a music video during the Ninth Avenue Avenue International Food Festival, featuring himself, Fuchs, and Felicia Collins from the Late Show band.

In addition to his bar and music, Chris is a fantastic improvisational comedian and a good friend to have.

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