In each episode of the Gadgets podcast we recommend technology we love and use. Xeni, Jason, and Mark check out a pro-quality food dehydrator, a camera lens and eyeglass cleaning brush, a cool synthesizer kit, and more!

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Check out our awesome picks this week, below:


Excalibur 5-tray dehydrator: $189 One of many model options from a brand trusted by raw vegans and backcountry survivalists the world over. Amazon sells them starting at $100 or so, and the bigger (# of trays) and higher-wattage you go, the more costly.

And this must-have accessory: Teflex/Paraflex sheets for "bread" or crackers that you make in the dehydrator.


Lens Pen Cleaning System: usually under $5 I watch for cheap prices on Lens Pens, as I keep them on hand for cleaning eye glasses and cameras on the run. Anything in the sub $5 range catches my eye.


littleBits Electronics Synth Kit: $159 A fun music synthesizer that you can customize by snapping together little magnetic units that contain circuits.

Flight+: $4 A useful flight tracking app for iPhone. It has saved my butt more than once. Terminal and gate changes, delays, arrivals and departures, flight map.

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