Kickstarting a Progress City book of Disney history articles

The excellent Disney history blog Progress City is kickstarting a book of its best articles, including several that are substantially rewritten and polished for the project. $15 gets you a PDF, $30 for a paperback.

The Progress City Primer is a new collection of historical essays about the Walt Disney Company and its theme parks. Section topics include Walt himself, the Disney Imagineers, the history of Walt Disney World, classic Epcot Center, and never-built attractions and resorts.

We've scoured the archives of the Progress City U.S.A. blog for our favorite articles and essays from the last seven years. Each essay has been updated, expanded, or completely rewritten, and a number of entirely new articles will be included as well.

The book is currently projected to run about 300 pages, and it will include black and white photographs.

In addition we hope that this new release will be the first in a series of Disney historical publications. Research is already underway on several new titles, and additional funding raised here will go to help speed their completion. Any extra funding on this Kickstarter will go to ensure the creation of new books, stories, podcasts, and other projects from Progress City.

Publishing the Progress City Primer