Inateck 4 port 30W USB fast charger

Inateck wall wart

I hate struggling to keep phones, camera and tablets charged while I travel. Inateck's high powered 4 port USB charger makes life a lot easier.

With 4 people visiting my home over the weekend, my laptops USB ports were full up. Luckily, I had this rapid charger from Inateck on hand. The device has 2 5V/2.4A charging ports, great for iPads and other tablets, and 2 5V/1A ports that work great for phones.

It you want a small, well built multiport USB charger, this one from Inateck is about the best I've seen.

Inateck 4-Port 30W Compact USB Wall Charger (5V 2.4A x 2 & 5V 1A x 2)