Blogging History: Cartoon Intro to Stats; RIP Compuserve; Direct-quoting Dick Cheney's "Fuck"

One year ago today

Cartoon Introduction to Statistics: perfect way to get excited about stats: The Cartoon Introduction to Statistics is a new book by Grady Klein and Alan Dabney that is a top-notch introductory grounding in statistical concepts told through a series of witty, funny cartoons that relate stats to everything from fish populations to alien opinion surveys.

Five years ago today

Compuserve shuts down: After 30 years, Compuserve is finally, totally, mostly dead (the email addresses still work). I was always a local BBS and GEnie guy, but there's no doubting the power and influence of Compuserve in introducing the idea of networked communications to a generation, and proving the business-case for commercial online activity.

Ten years ago today
Fuck direct quotes: Kudos to the Washington Post for being the only newspaper to actually spell out the word "fuck" when it came from Dick Cheney's lips last week.