This week in Gadgets, Drew Curtis of Fark joins Xeni, Jason, and Mark to discuss a laser temperature probe, an app for wine enthusiasts, an RFID blocking wallet, a Wifi scale, the best online walking cane store, and a two-piece smartphone charger.

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Drew Curtis:

probeBonjourChef's Laser Probe Combo Surface and Internal Digital Thermometer ($68) "Basically just that – but I've used it for more than just cooking." app ($2, iOS and Android) "A wine app that doubles as a wine collection database and a reminder for when you should drink your wines. Scan in the bars codes via iphone, and if you're like me you'll get no end of bad news about what you should have drunk five years ago."


sharkkSharkk aluminum wallet card holder ($10)

fitbitFitbit Aria scale ($123)


Fashionable Canes "When my back goes wonky, I always have my FASHIONABLE cane to lean on. Their marketing says if you find your style, you can choose your shaft!"


lepow-2Lepow Add ($50) "This 9000mAh mobile phone recharger with a slick design breaks into two 4500mAh bricks, so you don't need to lug the whole thing around on a day trip."

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