Crowdfunding to send injured "How to Cheat at Everything" author to UK for free healthcare

I've written over the years about Simon Lovell's How to Cheat at Everything, a must-read encyclopedia of cons. Read the rest

Blogging History: Drone-it-yourself; Gourmet fast-food mods; Hamster cage casemod

One year ago today

Drone-it-yourself kit: The DIY (Drone It Yourself) v1.0 kit offers you the opportunity to turn any object into a drone, simply by attaching four motors and a control unit.

Five years ago today

HOWTO make delicious, beautiful unhealthy food out of gross, unhealthy fast-food: The Fancy Fast Food blog is dedicated to remixing horrible fast food so that it looks and tastes great, even it still has all the nutritive value of a sack of greasy, heavily salted fiberglass.

Ten years ago today

Hamster cage casemod: The Extreme Tech crazy casemod winners are online -- including this case with an integrated hamster cage that has hosted a live rodent for years now. Read the rest

Shower-bus for homeless people rolls in San Francisco

Lava Mae is a startup that renovates donated, surplus San Francisco city buses, fitting them out with accessible showers that can be brought to homeless people around town. Read the rest

NSA trove shows 9:1 ratio of innocents to suspicious people in "targeted surveillance"

NSA data shows that 90 percent of people surveilled are innocent Americans whom the agency is legally prohibited from spying upon. Cory Doctorow looks at what the NSA means when it says "targeted."

Zombie eyeball flask

The Zombie Nation, a fabulous webcomic, has its own Etsy store, full of great zombie crafts (the zombie family decals are a steal at $1 each). But my favorite is this zombie eyeball flask -- I bought one from the Zombie Nationals in person yesterday in the Westercon dealers' room. Read the rest