Creepy Thicke album "disastrous flop"

Paula, Robin Thicke's unsettling new album about his estranged wife, sold only 530 copies in Britain in its first week of sale, entering the charts at #200. It fares slightly better in the U.S., but still suffers a steep drop from the six-figure numbers posted by his last album, Blurred Lines. From The Guardian:

The resulting sales of Paula seem to answer the question of whether there can be such a thing as bad publicity. Thicke's previous album Blurred Lines sold 25,981 copies in its first week, according to Music Week. Were Thicke's career to follow this trajectory, his next album would sell about 10 copies, with the following one failing to sell a single copy. Not even his best friend would buy one, nor Thicke himself.

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