Blogging History: Genius graphic novel Murdoch reporters hacked thousands in UK

One year ago today

GENIUS: beautiful graphic novel about inspiration, Einstein, and self-doubt: Genius is a new graphic novel written by Steven T Seagle and drawn by Teddy Kristiansen and it's not really like any other graphic novels I've read. In a very good way.

Five years ago today Rupert Murdoch reporters in the UK illegally hacked thousands of peoples' data: British journalists working for Murdoch papers have been on a crime spree, hiring private eyes to illegally hack into the voicemail and data of thousands of people, including " tax records, social security files, bank statements and itemised phone bills"; Murdoch has paid out over £1M so far to hush it up. Read the rest

Edisonian, steampunked LED lightbulbs

LED lights aren't just twinkly toys or harsh-glowing white spotlights. For $30-$40, the Edison Light Globe company will sell you a beautiful, design-y retro steampunked 120W/3V dimmable retro-bulbs.

(via Wired) Read the rest

Caption this photo of President Obama and TX Gov. Rick Perry, please

The governor looks like Grumpy Cat, the president's LOL face—this photo is destined for meme-hood.

Superefficient campstove that charges your phone while it boils water, using only twigs

The superefficient Biolite woodstove will boil water in minutes from twigs and charge your phone while it does it. Read the rest

Pizza vs. Bitcoin - which is better?

Pizza wins! Read the rest

Why I love IDW: Dave Stevens, Wally Wood, Jack Kirby, Darwyn Cooke

In this episode of Gweek, I spoke with Ted Adams the head of IDW, which publishes high-quality reproductions of original comic book art by greats such as Dave Stevens, Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, and Frank Frazetta. Brought to you by -- get a $110 sign-up bonus with the offer code GWEEK!

EFF releases high-resolution photo of NSA's Utah data-center

One particularly welcome dividend from the blimp flight over the NSA data-center in Bluffdale, Utah is a much-needed piece of stock art. Read the rest

Silicon Valley wage fixing: Disney, Lucas, Dreamworks and Pixar implicated

It's not just tech companies that participated in the massive, illegal "no-poaching" cartel. Read the rest

Two dogs meet a Talking Tree

For my birthday, Heather commissioned a portrait of our dogs from Zack Giallongo. He captured them perfectly. This is exactly what Tricksy and Moka would do if they chanced upon a Talking Tree.

Previously: Zack Giallongo's Broxo is a spooky, fast-moving adventure not to be missed Read the rest

Dominant chess and basketball players graphed

At XKCD. Read the rest

Mary Robinette Kowal and Jane Austen: separated at birth by a time-traveller

(Left: Mary Robinette Kowal. Right: Jane Austen, photo by TV West Country/Katie Rowlett)

Mary Robinette Kowal writes regency novels like Shades of Milk and Honey that blend magic with the milieu of Jane Austen. Read the rest

UK government set to ram through surveillance legislation

The UK government is has put MPs on notice that a bill will be considered and moved on July 14, but they won't say what it is. Veteran Labour MP Tom Watson thinks it's data retention legislation that will enlist the private sector to comprehensively spy on everything you do and save it for long periods, turning it over to the government when asked. And almost no one -- not even MPs -- will get a chance to read the bill right up to the last minute, when they'll be whipped to vote for it by their party leadership. Read the rest

Teenager stuck in dog flap

A 15 year old girl was freed from the canine portal Monday by emergency services in England. Read the rest

How Domino's pizza lost its mascot

Domino's Pizza's 1980s mascot, The Noid, was an obnoxious character that did everything in its power to delay pizza deliveries. It was a huge success for the company. But Domino's decided to get rid of The Noid after a pistol-wielding man named Kenneth Lamar Noid took over one of its restaurants in January 1989:

A police officer on the scene later revealed that Noid had “an ongoing feud in his mind with the owner of Domino’s Pizza about the Noid commercials,” and thought the advertisements had specifically made fun of him. A headline the following morning in the Boca Raton News sparked a talk show frenzy: “Domino’s Hostages Couldn’t Avoid the Noid This Time.”

Noid was found innocent by reason of insanity and spent three months in a mental institution. But he never shook the idea that Domino's Noid campaign was intentionally created to harass him and he committed suicide in 1995. Domino's dropped The Noid soon after.

How Domino's Pizza Lost Its Mascot Read the rest

Have your say on TSA tax-hike

If you'd rather that the cost of US airline tickets not rise an average of 5% to pay for additional invasive and largely pointless TSA screening, you can tell them so. (Thanks, Dwen!) Read the rest

Prosecutors want to photograph erect penis of teen accused of sexting girlfriend

In Manassas City, Virginia, a teen boy who is accused of sending a sexually explicit video to his teen girlfriend by cellphone may be forced by prosecutors to go to a hospital and get an erection injection, then allow police to photograph him with his penis in an erect state. Read the rest

Sandman Slim: Richard Kadrey's "Kill the Dead" in paperback

Richard Kadrey's Sandman Slim are some of the best supernatural thrillers being written today. Read the rest

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