Why are minority pro wrestlers "grill-wearing, thuggish B-listers?"

Dion Beary is glad the WWE is growing up, but it has a racial problem in how it casts its wrestlers of color.

In its 62 year history, WWE has never chosen a black wrestler to hold its world championship. That's not [wrestling star] Rusev's fault, of course. He just showed up a few months ago, and the black wrestlers he's effortlessly demolished during his short tenure are just a small fraction of all the talented black wrestlers who've never been entrusted to hold WWE's most important big shiny belt. Rusev is just the flavor of the moment until proven otherwise, a guy in which WWE officials see potential, so they're having him beat the rogues gallery of jobbers in order to bolster his credentials. Fans who jokingly ask why Rusev is beating up all the black dudes are missing the more pressing question: Why are so many of the black dudes jobbers?