Taiwanese pancake chef can flip faster than an eyeblink

This man has fast hands. (via Kottke) Read the rest

How to invest one dollar

Two dozen people, from a JP Morgan banker to a sex-worker, offer their opinions on how to best invest one single dollar. Read the rest

Anatomical cake shows the guts inside the tiers

Annabel de Vetten at Conjurer's Kitchen baked a cake that shows off the beating heart and living guts lurking under the prettily decorated surfaces of those multi-tier cakes we display for special occasions. Read the rest

CHP patrolman videoed beating homeless black woman by roadside

An LA driver caught video of a California Highway Patrolman tackling a homeless black woman walking by the side of the road and then repeatedly punching her in the face. Read the rest

Tour of Adam Savage's Cave

Somewhere in San Francisco is a hidden workshop of wonder. A place where iconic characters, creatures, and props from cult favorite movies are pulled from the screen into reality. Adam Savage's Cave is the Mythbusters host's personal sanctum, the place he goes not only to build his painstaking creations but where he displays a lifetime's collection of oddities, eclectic memorabilia, and film props. It's the well that's at once the source of Adam's inspiration and a reflection of his obsessions. And Tested.com is pleased to invite you in for an exclusive tour of Adam Savage's workshop.

(Thanks, Laila!) Read the rest

Making cocaine in Colombia

This segment from the documentary "The Cocaine Route" shows the picking, mashing and eventual reduction of coca leaves into a raw form of cocaine powder. The head of the production outfit, Pablo, grinds up the leaves with a weed whacker, mixes in some cement and dissolves everything in petrol. It's a pretty interesting watch!

[Video link] Read the rest

Useful kitchen tools from the previous homeowner

Author of the new book, Borg Like Me, Gareth Branwyn tells Cool Tools about the set of household tools he inherited from the former occupants of his house that have proven their usefulness and longevity over the years. In this episode of the Cool Tools Show he talks about what makes these tools so special and how we all can prepare to pass on our household’s best suited tools to the next generation of homeowners. Read the rest

Hide tiny stuff in this fake bolt

The Spy Bolt Hidden Storage Safe is exactly what it appears to be: a fake construction bolt whose head unscrews to reveal a compartment large enough to store money, mini-SD cards and battle station plans. [via Uncrate]

Also: fake hairbrush, fake AA battery, fake D battery, fake coins, fake Rubik's Cube, etc. Read the rest

Artistic scanner-photos taken on a coral-reef

Nathaniel Stern straps modified document scanners to his body and then walks around, producing beautiful, glitched out art-images. Now he's taken his scanners to the bottom of the ocean. Read the rest

Sex worker arrested in Google exec's heroin death on yacht

Police in Santa Cruz, CA have arrested Alix Tichelman, a 26-year-old sex worker from Atlanta, Georgia who they say injected heroin into a Google executive on his yacht, then destroyed evidence and ran from the scene when he OD'd. Read the rest

The genre-defining video games we forgot

A 50-minute documentary about five games that defined their genres, and then were forgotten because they were superseded by more successful, more marketable, and more mainstream clones. [Video Link] Read the rest

Why are minority pro wrestlers "grill-wearing, thuggish B-listers?"

Dion Beary is glad the WWE is growing up, but it has a racial problem in how it casts its wrestlers of color.

In its 62 year history, WWE has never chosen a black wrestler to hold its world championship. That’s not [wrestling star] Rusev’s fault, of course. He just showed up a few months ago, and the black wrestlers he’s effortlessly demolished during his short tenure are just a small fraction of all the talented black wrestlers who’ve never been entrusted to hold WWE’s most important big shiny belt. Rusev is just the flavor of the moment until proven otherwise, a guy in which WWE officials see potential, so they’re having him beat the rogues gallery of jobbers in order to bolster his credentials. Fans who jokingly ask why Rusev is beating up all the black dudes are missing the more pressing question: Why are so many of the black dudes jobbers?

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Here's another new aerial shot of the NSA's giant Utah data center

Cory recently blogged about the Electronic Frontier Foundation's high-resolution, no-rights-reserved aerial image of the National Security Agency's ginormous data center in Bluffdale, Utah. Boing Boing pal Bryan Jones shares this shot, which is available for shared noncommercial use with credit.

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Boars, Gore, And Swords book club: Wanton and Treacherous by Nature

With the completion of Season 4 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Ivan and Red dig back into the Boars, Gore, And Swords book club, where they cover the chapters of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series that correspond to the previous television season. No TV spoilers!

Vampire killer in trouble for vampire-killing crossbow

A man in Uddevalla, Sweden, was charged with illegal weapons possession after constructing a crossbow in order to kill the hated vampires. The Local reports that he has "a history of weapons violations" -- well, what do you expect, with all these vampires? [via] Read the rest

Sneak peek at cover for Daniel Clowes' "The Complete Eightball" anthology

Can you recognize all the characters on the cover for Daniel Clowe's upcoming Complete Eightball 2-volume set?

This is a two-volume, slipcased facsimile edition of the Daniel Clowes comics anthology; it contains the original installments of Ghost World, the short that the film Art School Confidential was based on, and much more.

Before he rose to fame as a filmmaker and the author of the best-selling graphic novels Ghost World, David Boring, Ice Haven, and The Death Ray, Daniel Clowes made his name from 1989 to 1997 by producing 18 issues of the beloved comic book series Eightball, which is still widely considered to be one of the greatest and most influential comic book titles of all time. Now, for the 25th anniversary of Eightball, Fantagraphics is collecting these long out-of-print issues in a slipcased set of two hardcover volumes, reproducing each issue in facsimile form exactly as they were originally published. Included are over 450 pages of vintage Clowes, including such seminal serialized graphic novels/strips/rants as “Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron,” “Ghost World,” “Pussey,” “I Hate You Deeply,” “Sexual Frustration,” “Ugly Girls,” “Why I Hate Christians,” “Message to the People of the Future,” “Paranoid,” “My Suicide,” “Chicago,” “Art School Confidential,” “On Sports,” “Zubrick and Pogeybait,” “Hippypants and Peace-Bear,” “Grip Glutz,” “The Sensual Santa,” “Feldman,” and so many more. Full color illustrations throughout

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Digital First Aid Kit: where to turn when you're DoSed or have your accounts hijacked

A group of NGOs, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, offer a suite of tools for diagnosing and mitigating the kinds of attacks faced by dissidents and independent media all over the world, especially when they threaten the powerful. Read the rest

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