Come to the Robot Film Festival this Saturday in San Francisco!

Last year's Robot Film Festival, co-sponsored by Boing Boing!

My favorite San Francisco event of the year is coming up this weekend. Here's why you can't miss the fourth annual Robot Film Festival:

  • It's held in Bot & Dolly's studios, the robotic cinematography company that did the special effects for Gravity and was recently acquired by Google. David wrote a profile about them for Business Week, it's an incredible place.
  • People bring their own robots, and it's a total blast. Bot & Dolly demonstrates their massive robotic arms throughout the festival. See the above video for some of the robots crawling and skating around last year.
  • Dirty Robot Brew Works will be serving up their special brewed-by-robots beers!
  • And of course, the films! Lots of creative and brilliant robot-starring and robot-related movies were shown last year, and I can't wait to see what comes up this year.

Get tickets for the fourth annual Robot Film Festival on July 19th here!