Dozens of giant snails seized at airport

smail67 giant snails, en-route to a California address, were seized by customs officials at Los Angeles International Airport. Inbound from Nigeria, the snails were incinerated after inspection due to fears they may carry parasites and bacteria—or be released to the wild.

"These snails are seriously harmful to local plants because they will eat any kind of crop they can get to," customs official Maveeda Mirza told the BBC. She added that they are investigating why one person "would want so many."

The 7-inch snails, Achatina achatina, are native to the coastline of West Africa and are "routinely confiscated" at airports in the U.S., where they are sold as pets. The snails are also said to be delicious. They are considered an invasive species, however, after having established themselves in Carribean islands and Florida. This is the largest snail haul of all time, according to to U.S. Customs.

Here is an albino giant snail for you: