Led Zeppelin II, the 1969 Rolling Stone review


With magnificent super deluxe reissues of Led Zeppelin I, II, and III now available, please enjoy this "fucking heavyweight" vintage Rolling Stone review of Led Zeppelin II upon its release in 1969:

Hey, man, I take it all back! This is one fucking heavyweight of the album! OK — I'll concede that until you've listened to the album eight hundred times, as I have, it seems as if it's just one especially heavy song extended over the space of two whole sides. But, hey! you've got to admit that the Zeppelin has their distinctive and enchanting formula down stone-cold, man. Like you get the impression they could do it in their sleep.

And who can deny that Jimmy Page is the absolute number-one heaviest white blues guitarist between 5'4" and 5'8" in the world?? Shit, man, on this album he further demonstrates that he could absolutely fucking shut down any whitebluesman alive, and with one fucking hand tied behind his back too.

"Led Zeppelin II" reviewed by John Mendelsohn (Rolling Stone, thanks Gil Kaufman!)

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And here is "Whole Lotta Love," live in New York City, 1973: