Interview with young man about his 3D printed prosthetic hand

Joris writes, "E-nable is a community of people working together to design and 3D print prosthetic hands." Read the rest

Wikipedia's redesign prototype

Ed writes, "You know how every now and then a design studio releases a proposal for a redesign of Wikipedia? (there's a Wikipedia page listing them, of course)" Read the rest

How to predict news events with 100% success

It's simple, writes Andy Baio: "Delete Your Mistakes." Read the rest

Ultra-pure water can kill you

David Rees, author of How to Sharpen Pencils and creator of the Get Your War On comic strip, learns how to make ultra-pure water. He learns that ultra pure water does not like to be pure. If you drink it, it will try to grab electrolytes from your blood. Read the rest

Two people arrested for having sex on roof of Chipotle

A police officer in Newark, DE responded to phone calls about two people having sex on the roof of a Chipotle restaurant. "After the officer commanded [the couple] to stop, they continued for another '15 to 20 seconds,' NPD spokesman Cpl. James Spadola said."

It turns out the man arrested owns a sushi restaurant next door to the Chipotle, which is where the woman who was arrested works.

Sushi bar owner caught having sex with woman on roof of adjacent Mexican grill Read the rest

Wonderful 1970s educational documentaries

Robin Lehman is an Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker who created a beautiful collection of 1970s educational films for young (and old) people, including "Wings and Things" about flight (clip above). Below, a clip from "Ocean Life." DVD collections of Lehman's films are available from Phoenix Learning Group. (via toys and techniques)

Read the rest

The Witches' Frolic: 18th-19th century illustrated book on how witches like to party

Scans of a wonderful old book about witches are making the internet rounds anew. Here they are in hi-rez glory.

New kind of rotary engine - hypnotic!

Duke Engines demonstrate a new kind of internal combustion engine, based on a crazy, hypnotic, rotary system. I lack the mechanical engineering chops to know whether this is any good, but it's fun to watch.

(via Sploid) Read the rest

A gun that shoots money

This looks like a good way to start a riot.

(via Weird Universe) Read the rest

How to Be a Math Genius - Illustrated examples to show your kid the power, beauty, and joy of math

I enjoyed learning about statistics, probability, zero, infinity, number sequences, and more in this heavily illustrated kids’ book called How to Be a Math Genius, by Mike Goldsmith. But would my 11-year daughter like it as much? I handed it to her after school and she become absorbed in it until called for dinner. She took it to the dinner table and read it while we ate. The next day, she asked for the book so she could finish it. Loaded with fun exercises (like cutting a hole through a sheet of paper so you can walk through it), How to Be a Math Genius will show kids (and adults) that math is often complicated, but doesn’t need to be boring. (This book is part of DK Children’s How to Be a Genius series. See my review of How to Be a Genius.)

See sample interior pages at Wink. Read the rest

Slo-mo yo-yo trick: uh-oh!

Showman Mat Ricardo sends us "a little clip of one of the new tricks in the 2014 tour of my one man show 'Showman.' We've been touring it around the world over the last year, and can't wait to return for a limited run at the Edinburgh Fringe in August." Read the rest

Video premiere: Luluc's "Small Window"

From Luluc, the Brooklyn-via-Australia duo of Zoë Randell and Steve Hassett comes "Small Window," a dreamy lullaby of exquisite indie folk from their album Passerby, produced by The National's Aaron Dessner. Read the rest

Video premiere: Luluc's "Small Window"

From Luluc, the Brooklyn-via-Australia duo of Zoe Randell and Steve Hassett comes "Small Windows," a dreamy lullaby of exquisite indie folk from their album Passerby, produced by The National's Aaron Dessner. Read the rest

Microsoft says it won't use contents of emails to target ads

Alan sez, "Microsoft is pushing out an update to its privacy policies." Read the rest

Commodore Vic20 TV ad, 1982

"A commercial for the Commodore Vic20 home computer, aired in 1982 on U.S. television." [HT: Theremina] Read the rest

Church of England OKs women bishops

The Church of England's ruling body will allow women to become bishops. The laity vote was 152 in favor, 45 against, 5 abstaining; bishops voted 37 in favor, 2 against, with one abstention. [BBC] Read the rest

Dozens of giant snails seized at airport

67 giant snails, en-route to a California address, were seized by customs officials at Los Angeles International Airport. Inbound from Nigeria, the snails were incinerated after inspection due to fears they may carry parasites and bacteria—or be released to the wild.

"These snails are seriously harmful to local plants because they will eat any kind of crop they can get to," customs official Maveeda Mirza told the BBC. She added that they are investigating why one person "would want so many."

The 7-inch snails, Achatina achatina, are native to the coastline of West Africa and are "routinely confiscated" at airports in the U.S., where they are sold as pets. The snails are also said to be delicious. They are considered an invasive species, however, after having established themselves in Carribean islands and Florida. This is the largest snail haul of all time, according to to U.S. Customs.

Here is an albino giant snail for you:

Read the rest

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