Blogging History: DHS not allowed to look at Snowden leaks; Starbucks garbage Tie Fighter; Worldcon v DNC

One year ago today

DHS to employees: reading newspaper coverage of Snowden's NSA leaks is "classified data spillage": The US Department of Homeland Security is warning its employees that they can be punished for opening up this Washington Post article, which includes a classified slide (above) illustrating how the National Security Agency spies on communications.

Five years ago today

TIE Fighter made from Starbucks detritus: Wired contributing photographer Dan Winters made this TIE Fighter from Starbucks junk — cups, stirrers, sleeves and such.

Ten years ago today

Differences between WorldCon and DNC: This year's World Science Fiction Convention is in Boston, and accordingly, the URL for the con is By a funny coincidence, the Democratic National Convention is also in Boston, and its URL is The inevitable confusion is quite humorous — the organisers of the WorldCon have compiled a list of ways in which the WorldCon is unlike the DNC.