Fake TSA screener infiltrates SFO checkpoint, gropes women

He was allegedly drunk, and had at least two victims before SFO's crackerjack private aviation security outfit, Covenant, noticed (they're the same ones who smashed my brand new camera some years ago and refused to take responsibility for it).

Because all his victims had already flown by the time anyone noticed that the guy in khakis, a blue polo, and blue gloves who'd been steering women into the private screening booth wasn't actually airport security, they can't charge him with anything except being drunk in public. Meanwhile, the woman travellers whom America has systematically trained to defer to aviation authority or face brutal punishments apparently didn't notice anything amiss.

Fake screener probes passengers at SFO [Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross/SF Gate]

(Thanks, Steve!)


another found object from the hood
, Paul Joseph, CC-BY