Blogging History: Tax avoidance topologies; RIP, Cronkite; Free North Korean webmail

One year ago today

Maps of corporate tax-avoidance hairballs: OpenCorporates has a data-visualization tool for peering into the corporate tax-evasion structures of big corporations — subsidiaries nested like Russian dolls made from Klein bottles.

Five years ago today

Walter Cronkite, RIP: Walter Cronkite, the broadcast news legend who spoke the words "And now we have two Americans on the moon" 40 years ago this week died in New York today at age 92.

Ten years ago today
North Korea offers free email on new gov website: I discovered that the North Korean government is actually letting people sign up for free web based email accounts. Their web page actually claims that they have an advanced IT industry, but somehow after experiencing it's fruit, I am left doubtful.