Blogging History: Airport valets search cars for TSA; Pepper-spray ATMs; Scanned Alice manuscripts

One year ago today

TSA orders airport valets to search parked cars: My prediction: the TSA will erect a sign at the valet drop-off saying, "By valet parking, you agree that we can search your car." And that will be the end of it. Because in the 21st century, posting a notice of your unreasonable conduct is the same as getting consent for it.

Five years ago today

ATMs that spray attackers with pepper-spray: The idea is that spray incapacitates you while the cops come out. Unfortunately, they've also been known to incapacitate the poor bastards who install them by randomly firing capsaicin at them.

Ten years ago today

Alice in Wonderland precursor manuscripts scanned and posted: A Dutch university student has scanned in an original manuscript for Alice's Adventures Underground, Lewis Carroll's precursor to Alice in Wonderland.