Open Rights Group wants to sue UK government over #DRIP, needs your help

Parliament has passed #DRIP, a sweeping, illegal surveillance bill that doubles down on the old surveillance law, which was struck down by the European Court for violating fundamental human rights.

The Open Rights Group is raising a war-chest to sue the government over DRIP, and needs new members and fresh donations from existing members to fund the litigation. Parliament voted in DRIP in eight days, with no substantial debate and no evidence. Labour MP Tom Watson called it "democratic banditry, resonant of a rogue state."

The UK still has the rule of law. Back-room deals among party leaders, rammed through by tame, whipped MPs, are not the way our laws should be made. Let's show them who's boss. I just ponied up £100, over and above my annual subs. I'd rather have a country I feel safe and free in than a couple weeks' groceries.

Dear Theresa, see you in court

(Disclosure: I co-founded the Open Rights Group and am proud to volunteer for its advisory council; I do not receive any funds from ORG)