Transformers theme as 1990s R&B

Saturday Morning Slow Jams' slick R&B cover of the Transformers theme. Don't miss their takes on Muppet Babies (below), Ducktales, Pokemon, Animaniacs, and many more.

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Rational numbers are impossible!

Brilliant, high-speed math vlogger Vi Hart has revisited the topic of the sizes of infinities. Read the rest

Blogging History: ISS Toolbox; Governator v "Girlie Men"

One year ago today Toolbox on the International Space Station: British ISS astronaut Tim Peake has a Flickr gallery of pics of the drawers on an ISS toolchest, each an obsessive, knolled marvel of foam cutouts and the everyday life of a spaceperson.

Ten years ago today Governator calls foes "girlie men" who should be "terminated": California's AGW (Actor-Governor-whatever) derided his opponents in a speech this weekend as "girlie men," and asked his supporters to "terminate" them at polls in November if they fail to approve his >$103 billion budget. Read the rest

Crying baby ad from Thailand mobile phone company goes deservedly viral

A clever and feels-inducing spot has gone crazy viral for a reason. And that reason is babies.

Electric Mayhem t-shirt

Upon seeing the inherent glory, I immediately purchased this Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem t-shirt on Threadless. Read the rest

Cute synonyms for nookie from bygone times

Finally! A listicle I can love. I mean, "Play nug-a-nug" (1505)! What's not to like? Read the rest

Mickey Mouse/eye-in-pyramid tee on Threadless

Tales83's "SUPRISE!!!" shirt offers some insight into the head beneath Mickey's fursuit.

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With 10 consoles in one, does the Retron 5 have what it takes?

The unstylish but ultra-compatible console promises a nostalgic treat for casual and committed gamers alike, writes Brian Easton.

DRM-free indie ebooks outsell DRM-locked ones 2:1

Author Earnings has published its latest eye-popping data-analysis of ebook sales and rankings on Amazon. Read the rest

Baby blood samples stored for research without parent permission

If you had a baby in Indiana after 1991, chances are your child's blood and DNA samples are being stored by the state. Originally meant for research, no samples have been used because consent of parents was never obtained. Read the rest

Twitterbot catches Russian State Media anonymously editing MH17 Wikipedia entry

A bot that monitors Wikipedia for edits from Russian government IPs recorded a change to the MH17 entry, assigning blame to "Ukrainian soldiers" (a previous edit had blamed it on "terrorists of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic with Buk system missiles, which the terrorists received from the Russian Federation"). Read the rest