Internet is "all lies," eye-rolling rebel leader tells CNN on missing missile tweet (GIF!)



CNN's Chris Cuomo interviewed Donetsk People's Republic leader Alexander Borodai today about the chaotic aftermath of the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight 17. Among the questions for the pro-Russia militant: did your guys down the plane? (No.) And what happened to those brag tweets right before the plane crash, in which an account that appeared to represent your group boasted of possessing Russian anti-aircraft missile systems? Borodai's response to that one is best part of this totally bizarre interview: he dramatically rolls his eyes at Cuomo, and tells him basically, don't believe everything you see on the internet.

From the transcript:

CUOMO: So please answer the allegations. Ukraine and Western intelligence authorities say there was a tweet connected to the DPR that said that your forces had taken control of a Russian missile system that it took from Ukraine, that they've intercepted conversations bragging that they had taken down the plane. So if you have the tweet and the conversations and the pictures that all point to your forces, how do you deny that it was your forces that brought down the plane?

BORODAI (via translator): It is very simple to disprove it. All the information that comes through the Internet, in my opinion, is practically all lies.

CUOMO: So the tweet is fake, the conversations that they say they intercepted are fake? The picture of the missile system moving back across the border, is that fake as well?

BORODAI (via translator): I am telling you again, we have never been in possession of even a single Buk system. I can list all the means of defense we have in our possession. All of these means of defense are capable of crashing only the low-flying targets.

Perhaps this is who John Kerry meant when he dissed the "Drunken Separatists" impeding the crash investigation.