Anatomically correct bra and panties

Why Are You So Afraid Of Your Own Anatomy? is Eleanor Beth Haswell's senior art project, a feminist fashion intervention.

It follows on a series of clever anti-rape, anti-body-shaming works that includes her work with the Clandestine Collective in northeast England.

Eleanor Beth Haswell is an eighteen year old art student from North East England, who previously studied Fine Art and Graphic Design at Durham Sixth Form Centre and is going on to start Sunderland University and complete the Foundation Degree in Art and Design. Her work is mainly photography based, covering feminist issues such as body shaming in the media, as well as her previous project on domestic violence. Prior to this, Eleanor also created a project based around the cruelty to animals within the cosmetic and fur industry, to which she made a series of advertisements showing the unseen effects. She highlights mainly upon the negative views of body hair within her work, and the perception of beauty that the medias imprints within society today.

'Why Are You So Afraid Of Your Own Anatomy?', 2014

(via Crazy Abalone)