Blogging History: Expiring 3DP patents; Cat burglar in my street; 9/11 commission report published

One year ago today

Get ready for the big bang as 3D printing patents expire: The key patents covering a 3D printing technique called "laser sintering" are set to expire in the next year or two — there are a bunch of them, so they'll trickle out — and this will radically reduce the price of printing and printers.

Five years ago today

Cat burglar falls off three-storey building across from my bedroom window: At 5AM today — about an hour ago — just as my alarm went off, someone in the street below started shouting CALL POLICE! CALL POLICE! I grabbed my phone and went to the window, and saw a man in the street, shouting and looking up at the third-story roof of the office building across the street.

Ten years ago today
9/11 commission report: How to get a copy online or in hard copy: The U.S. Government Printing Office offers hard copy, if you prefer.