Comcast retention rep's network boasts expose company to liability

When the Comcast Rep From Hell insisted that Comcast had the "fastest network in the USA," he was speaking on behalf of the company — and it was a lie.

The company has acknowledged that the rep was was doing "what we trained him to do," and while that may not have included intentionally making false statements about Comcast's network speeds (Comcast is rated third in the USA, by quite some distance, on network quality and speed), those words sure came easily to Rep From Hell's lips.

This is illegal, and if the practice is widespread and Comcast knew, or should have known, about it, then they've got some serious liability on their hands.

Comcast Customer Service Rep's 'Fastest' Internet Claim Raises Questions About Tech Bragging [Christopher Zara/International Business Times]

(via Consumerist)

(Image: Pants on Fire, Mike Licht, CC-BY)