Want to fly a drone at Burning Man this year? Better read this first.

Camera-equipped drones, like the one that shot the video above, are a wonderful tool for photography at the annual Burning Man festival. But "if you're planning on flying a drone at Burning Man this year," says BB pal Eddie Codel, "You'll need to register and follow a ton of new rules."

No kidding. Here's a snip from the 2014 Burning Man drone/radio-controlled-stuff policies:

Like mutant vehicles, BRC regulates all RC aircraft and requires that they be operated responsibly, and subject to restricted fly zones and other rules of operation. BRC has an established RC community, which has stepped forward to collaborate on creating rules and recommendations based upon The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) safety code.

The FAA requires all operators of RC aircraft flying within 5 miles of an airport to notify that airport of their operations. Virtually all of Black Rock City is within 5 miles of 88NV, Black Rock City Municipal Airport. So, all RC operators must register and follow all policies, rules, restrictions and conditions stated in this document and communicated at the Event in RCBRC briefings.

Restrictions include, but are not limited to:

• Flying sufficient distance away from populated (city blocks, theme camps, etc.), low noise tolerance (the Temple!) or other sensitive areas (including Burns and the Man)

• Avoid flying near spectators until aircraft tested/flown previously.

• Flying no higher than 400 feet above ground.

• If within 5 miles of an airport: notification of the airport operator. (Registration satisfies this requirement.)

• Avoid flying in proximity of, and give right-of-way to, full-scale aircraft.

Oh, there's more.