Journalist believes his phone was hacked by spooks at HOPE X, will upload image for forensics

Douglas writes, "My rooted CyanogenMod phone got hacked at HOPE X. I'm planning to get it write-blocked and imaged to crowdsource forensics."

I was a panelist unveiling a new organization of barely noticed WikiLeaks documents on the panel for Project PM, a decentralized research organization started by jailed journalist Barrett Brown. Our panel was apparently surveilled — they used a telephoto lens to get each panelist's face and filmed our slides, paying particular interest to the one with all the contractor logos and to the one demonstrating the Transparency Toolkit which graphed out the contractors' LinkedIn profiles. They also laughed knowingly when I discussed my interactions with a former Stratfor analyst, who muttered "fuck you motherfucker" at me. The intelligence documents I unveiled were the basis for my most recent WikiLeaks partnership article.

Report from HOPE X: Surveillance, Snowden, Stratfor and Surprises

(Thanks, Douglas!)