A starry night sky, from the Boing Boing Flickr Pool

"All in a Row," a lovely night shot by Diablo_119 of Tacoma, WA, shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool.

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Inquiry reveals two decades of errors in FBI forensic lab

"The inquiry includes 2,600 convictions and 45 death-row cases from the 1980s and 1990s."

Apple to fire about 200 workers at Beats

"Apple will fire about 200 workers at Beats Electronics LLC following its $3 billion acquisition of the headphone and music company," reports Bloomberg, citing an anonymous source. "The jobs to be cut are in human resources, finance and other roles where there’s overlap between the two companies." Read the rest

San Jose, CA approves drone purchase by police with no public input

From the ACLU of Northern California: "The San Jose City Council has approved a police request to acquire a drone – without public debate – illustrating the surreptitious way in which local law enforcement agencies have obtained sophisticated surveillance technology since 9/11." Read the rest

White House 'accidentally emailed' torture report talking points to AP reporter

A White House staff member 'accidentally emailed' non-classified talking points about a classified torture report to an Associated Press reporter. Read the rest

Mimi Pond: "MAD was our communist manifesto"

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Camel's milk: Can it get over the hump and become the next big superfood?

"Make every day a humpday," reads the logo on Desert Farms camel's milk bottles. Read the rest

US Army developing 'pocket-sized' video surveillance drone

The US Army has developed a "pocket-sized aerial surveillance device" for combat troops operating in "challenging ground environments." Read the rest

Turkish deputy prime minister tells a joke that has women howling with laughter

Bülent Arinç, deputy prime minister of Turkey, told a good joke on Monday. Read the rest

Cool Tools Show 007: Lloyd Kahn, Editor-in-Chief of Shelter Publications

On the latest episode of the Ask Cool Tools Show, Kevin Kelly and I interviewed Lloyd Kahn, editor-in-chief of Shelter Publications. He shared with us many useful tips, ranging from how to get the most out of your camera lenses, to alternative activities for the senior surfer. Read the rest

iOS app Signal promises free, 'strongly encrypted' mobile voice calls

The open source software group Open Whisper Systems has announced the release of Signal, "the first iOS app designed to enable easy, strongly encrypted voice calls for free." Read the rest

Childhood Lost: the photography of Justyna Neryng

A dark, gothic fantasy series by Justyna Neryng, a photographer from Poland.

Class War in Progress: The Market Basket family feud and related worker revolt

"The DeMoula's / Market Basket situation is heating up further," says Boing Boing reader MikeTheBard. Here's a roundup of links to get you up to speed.

Backwards televangelists listening to Led Zeppelin forwards

A classic clip from TBN, the Christian TV network that brought you Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.

Infinite Schwarzenegger "Gear Up"

Today, we celebrate Arnold Schwarzenegger's 67th birthday with our own Rob Beschizza's classic "Infinite Schwarzenegger 'Gear Up' Scene." Read the rest

Both sides of the vinyl come-back

According to Pitchfork, people in the US bought 6.1 million vinyl records last year, a resurgence for sure but still just 2 percent of album sales overall, and there aren't enough vinyl presses to meet demand as it is. Read the rest

The beige-walled suburban life behind the videos

Read Paul Ford's amazing article about the bland semiotics of suburban American life--and of its dreams of microcelebrity--as seen behind the looming heads of youtube stars. Read the rest

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