You're gonna love this 15 minute video on how to cut a wheel of cheese

The combination of a huge wheel of cheese, lots of specialized knives, and this cheese expert's unusual manner of speaking makes this a really entertaining watch. If you want to skip straight to the action, the cheese is "broken" about 7 minutes in.

"We have already explained to the cheese where he must broken." "This is the only way to cut such a cheese."

How to break open a Parmesan cheese with Carlo Guffanti Read the rest

Fantastic cookbook of extremely inexpensive meals

Good and Cheap is a free/donation-based ebook filled with recipes geared toward helping you eat on $4 a day — which is the average amount SNAP (food stamp) recipients have to spend. Read the rest

UK politician: "occultists" infiltrated Independence Party

In Wells, England the UK Independence Party chairman Graham Livings resigned from his post claiming that the party has been "infiltrated by the Glastonbury occult... oddballs putting on these weekend retreats where they guarantee the angels will be present." Read the rest

In China, panty-clad peaches that look like delicious little butts

These images of peaches dressed up like butts have been making the viral rounds. This is said to be A Thing Among Chinese Fruit Vendors, but who are we to fact-check? "A nine-pack of pantied-peaches reportedly sell for around US$80 in Nanjing City," reports a website we would not rely on for more important facts.

Aw fuck it, let's just use Google Translate on the original Chinese tabloid item:

Peach lace perspective staged peaches are also quite tempted to fight: During the summer, there is to eat a peach season. Some businesses in order to sell peaches, peach packing in playing on his mind, hunyuan peaches were put on a variety of "sexy sultry" little panties, users have tucao see this complete package in the supermarket peaches no desire to buy. You are so pure and lovely treat peach, peach who knows?

Also available in fuzz-free nectarine butt.

[Ifeng via RocketNews24]

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When Buddhists call for genocide

There's a fascinating story in the American Buddhist magazine Shambala Sun about the Burmese Buddhists who are killing and harassing their Muslim neighbors. Thoughtful and full of context, it is very much worth a read. Read the rest

Monkey-masked men hired by Indian officials

New Delhi government officials have hired 40 young men to wear monkey masks and jump around outside the parliament buildings in an attempt to scare off macaques wreaking havoc on the grounds. From the AFP:

The NDMC, the body tasked with providing civic services, said the men were “very talented” and had been trained to “closely copy” the noises and actions of the more aggressive langurs to scare away the smaller rhesus macaques.

“They often wear a mask on their faces, hide behind the trees and make these noises to scare away the simians,” NDMC chairman Jalaj Srivastava told AFP.

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The rise of @SavedYouAClick

Which clickbait site hates @SavedYouAClick? Buzzfeed. Read the rest

Video: circuit bending pioneer Reed Ghazala

In the studio with Reed Ghazala, "the father of circuit bending." Read the rest

Uber-like service for private security

The task routing craze continues with Bannerman, an on-demand private security force that promises to send muscle your way in around 30 minutes. The booking process is similar to Uber and the company says the guards "have passed background checks by the FBI & the department of Justice" and have "physical presence for visual deterrence." Now available in the SF Bay Area with other cities coming soon. (Thanks, Adam Shandobil!)

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Mystery Guitar Man finally loses it. On a bus.

[Video Link, thanks Joe Sabia] Read the rest

Every-flavor Mad Dog Gif

Please enjoy this pixel-art GIF I made of (almost) every flavor of Mad Dog, a great among American fortified wines. Read the rest

Maker Mayhem: Low Moments in How-To History, Part 8

Burnt Matchstick Easter Decorations: When celebrating the Resurrection means looking no further than your ashtray. By Matt Maranian