Rand Paul flees mid-burger just before Steve King insults immigration activist

You've never seen an American politician hustle this fast. Read the rest

Improved names for everyday things

I love this list at Superlinguo, and wish it were ten times longer. Read the rest

U.S. spy planes hunting Boko Haram abductees spot "large groups of girls"

Hopeful news for those following the plight of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, from today's Wall Street Journal. Read the rest

Stunning great white shark footage

Absolutely breathtaking great white shark footage captured by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution researchers using their SharkCam underwater drone near Mexico's Guadalupe Island.

REMUS SharkCam is a specially outfitted REMUS-100 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) equipped with video cameras and navigational and scientific instrumentation that enable it to locate, track, and film up close a tagged marine animal, such as a North Atlantic white shark (great white). The vehicle is pre-programmed to home in on a signal from a transponder beacon attached to the animal at depths up to 100 meters (330 feet) and in a variety of patterns and configurations.

Read the rest

Timelapse: Reviving Rose of Jericho plants

Beautiful video of Selaginella lepidophylla resurrected with water. (via Colossal) Read the rest

Security firm claims Russian hackers steal 1.2 billion usernames, passwords

A Russian crime ring is reported to have collected the largest cache in history of stolen logins: 1.2 billion user name and password combinations, over 500 million email addresses. Read the rest

US lawmakers say CIA censored torture report to avoid embarrassment

Democratic senators today spoke out against the CIA's redactions to a Senate intelligence committee’s report on torture used in the interrogations of war-on-terror detainees during the Bush era. Read the rest

Facts about Ebola, from the CDC

This infographic from the US Centers for Disease Control serves to dispel some of the panic spreading around the disease. Read the rest

Statue of Liberty made of parts from over 30 Statue of Liberty souvenirs

This statue by Chris Godfrey was made from different parts taken from over 30 different souvenirs. Read the rest

Fantasy portraits from Sarah Allegra (photos from the Boing Boing Flickr Pool)

In our Flickr Pool, reader Sarah Allegra shared some of her dreamy, trippy, fantasy photography. Read the rest

How groupthink gets reality backward

In his new book, David McRaney explains that You Are Now Less Dumb. Here he makes you even less dumb, by way of explaining social norms you will no longer be defeated by.

The Simpsons' Springfield, USA in Lego

Sure, Lego released some Simpsons kits, but a fellow named Matt De Lanoy built the entire town of Springfield out of Lego!

Matt De Lanoy's Flickr stream (via PFSK) Read the rest

If The Office wasn't a comedy

The Office (US) sans jokes. (No Jokes, All Plot, via Laughing Squid) Read the rest

Reptile aliens, Jesus, cosmic turtles, and country music

From country singer Sturgill Simpson's a bizarrely psychedelic video for the ballad "Turtles All The Way Down," seemingly about a strange innerspace where "reptile aliens made of light cut you open and pull out all your pain." Read the rest

Video: How to pack for one night

Dave Hax on "How To Pack for 1 Night." Read the rest

Lightning strike photo

Lightning caught in the act by BB pal Scott Matthews on Captiva Island, Florida, looking west over the Gulf of Mexico. Read the rest

Slang explanations in the NYT

"For more than a century, the New York Times has been earnestly--and hilariously--defining topical terms." [The Atlantic] Read the rest

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